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 We offer discounted prices for bulk drug test orders, with drug test cups as low as $1.19 per cup and dips as low as $0.23. These discounted prices are available for large orders, distributors, government offices, and large businesses. Our company is based in Florida and we have a same-day shipping policy with delivery times of 1 to 4 days anywhere in America. With over 6.5 million cups in stock, we always have a plentiful supply. We are a locally-owned business that values both quality and affordability of our urine cups, and we provide exceptional customer service. Contact us for the best prices guaranteed, and see for yourself why we are a trusted and established company.

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Buy drug tests in bulk at discounted prices.

 At our bulk drug testing facility, we provide the most affordable prices in the country and maintain a vast inventory of drug testing supplies. These drug-grade testing products are designed for quick, easy use, and deliver highly accurate results, all available at a significant discount when purchased in bulk. Our drug test cups are available for as low as $1.29 per cup and dip strips for as low as $0.23.

Buy drug tests in bulk.

Regardless of whether your organization needs standard drug testing or mass Coronavirus test kits to ensure the safety of your workforce, we offer high-grade products that meet your needs. We can accommodate orders of any size, whether you need 50 or 500 bulk urine drug tests, testing strips, or similar items, and deliver them quickly at a competitive price.

A wide range of drug testing supplies available in bulk.

Our bulk drug test offerings encompass a comprehensive range of mass drug testing supplies, which include the most frequently used controlled substances such as cocaine, barbiturates, opiates, benzodiazepines, and more. Our 12-panel cup, which includes a test for TCA, is also available. These drug test kits are crucial in identifying substances that could impair work performance, indicate addiction, or require further investigation. Additionally, we offer pregnancy tests in our product line, and we are committed to providing high-quality drug testing solutions to our customers.

Reduce costs on Fentanyl Test Strips.

Checking an individual's Fentanyl use can be crucial for various purposes. Our Fentanyl test strips offer a nearly instant way to detect the presence of the drug in urine. The test is fast, non-invasive, and very simple to conduct. 

With our bulk ordering option, you can save more as you purchase more! Similar to our other products, Fentanyl test strips have a long shelf life. If it's an item you plan to use frequently, it's wise to stock up and take advantage of the discounted prices available for bulk orders.

Precision Tests for Professional Applications

Please be aware that our bulk drug test cups are manufactured to a high standard and are suitable for use in a professional environment.

Rapid COVID-19 tests for sale.

Rapid COVID-19 tests for sale. Our bulk drug test company offers a quick and accurate Coronavirus Fast Antigen Test that can diagnose the presence of the virus in a timely manner. These tests are suitable for use in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, and workplaces, where infection control is of utmost importance. 

In addition, our mass Coronavirus test kits are user-friendly and can even be used at home by employees before coming to work. No specialized training is required to administer or interpret the results, as we have made the kits as simple and straightforward as possible. It is important to note that there is no need to send the tests away to a lab for analysis, and no special storage or handling requirements. Results are available in just a few minutes, making it a practical and effective way to stay on top of Coronavirus infection control in any setting. With the ongoing need to keep the Coronavirus under control, purchasing our bulk Coronavirus Quick Antigen Tests is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Bulk drug test cups available for wholesale.

Bulk drug tests provide an excellent opportunity for retailers to purchase drug cups, test strips, and Coronavirus tests in bulk, and then resell them at retail prices. With our competitive discount rates, high-quality products, and fast delivery, we are an excellent supplier to partner with.

Take a look at our reviews.

We take pride in providing our wholesale customers with a speedy, confidential, and top-quality solution for their drug testing needs. With years of experience, we offer outstanding products that cater to the requirements of both professionals and DIY testers. Our goal is to fulfill bulk orders promptly and accurately. 

Moreover, we encourage you to read our bulk drug test reviews to see what our satisfied customers are saying about us. We look forward to becoming your preferred supplier for 12-panel Cup TCA tests, Fentanyl test strips, Coronavirus Quick Antigen Test products, and many other premium drug test kits.

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