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12 Panel Drug Test Cup With Adulterants (ADLTX)

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 12 Panel Drug Test Cup & 3 Adulterations ADLTX (Specific Gravity, pH, and Creatinine), AMP/1000, BAR/300, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MDMA/500, MET/1000, MTD/300, OPI/300, OXY/100, TCA/1000, THC/50

12 Panel Drug Test Cup With Adulterants (ADLTX)

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    Issues with Drug Testing Accuracy

    • The 12 panel urine drug test kit with Adulterants is an affordable method for drug screening that can detect up to 12 different drugs of abuse in human urine, along with three adulterants: creatinine, specific gravity, and pH.
    • Adulterants in a drug test aid in detecting any tampering or manipulation of a urine sample in the drug test result, reducing false negative findings caused by manipulation. 
    • It is strictly for scientific purposes.

    How can drug test Adulterants be defined?
    Creatinine (CRE) (CRE)
    Creatinine esteems under 45 mg/dL are utilized to decide whether certain urine tests have been physiologically or non-physiologically weakened and whether a matching negative medication result is genuine.
    Gravity Determination (SG)
    Explicit gravity, as creatinine levels, distinguishes any weakening of the urine example.
    Helps with the identification of high PH or acidic debasements in urine examples.

    What substances are covered in a 12-panel drug test?​

    ​What is the procedure for conducting a 12-panel drug test with Adulterants?


    Test Directions:


      Eliminate the urine drug test cup from the fixed pocket at the earliest opportunity and use it.


      Confirm the temperature of the example following 2-4 minutes by inspecting where the green spot arises. On the important temperature line, a green speck will arise.


      At the point when you're prepared to figure out the outcomes, eliminate the mark. The experimental outcomes ought to be accessible in a short time. Following 8 minutes, don't decipher the outcome.

    How can I interpret a 12-panel drug test cup that includes adulterants?  

    If Positive,

    In the control area, there is only one hued band apparent. The test area (T) shows no apparent hued band.

    If Negative,

    On the film, two hued groups will show up, one band would be available in the control district (C) while the other would be available in the test locale. (T)

    If Invalid,

    The control band won't appear. any test which has not created a control band at the predefined read time should be dispensed with. If it's not too much trouble, rehash the means and do a new test. Quit utilizing the pack immediately and reach out to your nearby merchant assuming the issues

      What are some ways to subvert a drug test?

    There are individuals who have used different methods to undermine urine tests, with varying degrees of success. Some have managed to dilute their urine for a home test, which can be detected by its lighter color, resulting in inconclusive test results. Others have attempted to alter their urine by adding medication or vitamin B, hoping to produce a negative test result. However, these methods are generally ineffective in producing accurate and acceptable results. Regardless of the amount of water or substances added, it is unlikely to pass a drug test with such measures.

    Identifying urine tests for controlled substances.

    There are various methods available to verify the authenticity of a urine test. The most obvious indicator is the temperature of the sample, which should match the normal body temperature of 98.6°F. To aid in this determination, all 12-panel urine drug test cups now include a temperature strip. However, this alone is not enough to prevent individuals from attempting to cheat a drug test. 

    In fact, such attempts to manipulate the drug test would likely produce inconclusive results, requiring a repeat test. Additionally, a visual inspection of the sample is necessary. An altered sample may appear completely clear, which is unusual even for someone who claims to be a heavy water drinker. Sodium, potassium, and other dissolved chemicals will be present in the urine. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to thoroughly examine every aspect, highlighting the importance of using a reliable drug test that includes temperature strips and adulteration testing. 

    Inquiries or requests for clarification regarding certain matters.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Contamination poses a significant problem for those responsible for drug testing procedures. When an individual tries to tamper with a drug test, they aim to interfere with the test to the extent that it produces negative results for all substances tested. The easiest approach to detect a fraudulent drug test is to use one that contains adulterants that reveal whether the test has been tampered with.

     Adulteration in urine tests is a common occurrence. An individual who wishes to manipulate their urine samples will use the urine collection method to their advantage. Usually, the collection process is prone to oversight due to privacy concerns. Adulteration is employed not only to cheat a drug test but also to dilute urine and substitute samples. Contamination affects test results. Adulterants are mixed into the collected urine, which can include household items such as vinegar, soap, bleach, iodine, eye drops, and isopropyl alcohol, as well as foods such as lemon juice and soda, and chemicals like nitrite, glutaraldehyde, and pyridinium chlorochromate. As adulteration methods become more sophisticated, regulatory authorities must quickly develop ways to detect adulterants in urine samples, in addition to the measures already in place.

    If an individual consumes a significant amount of water before undergoing a drug test, certain metabolites may not be detected. However, if a urine sample is diluted to manipulate the results, the test outcome may be inconclusive.

    Creatinine (CRE) is one of the adulterants used to detect manipulation in drug tests. Creatinine values below 45 mg/dL are utilized to determine whether certain urine tests have been physiologically or non-physiologically diluted and whether a corresponding negative drug result is genuine.​

    Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant that works by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. It is typically prescribed to individuals with skeletal injuries or similar conditions and is sold under the brand names Flexeril® and Amrix®. However, the 12-panel Substance Test Units offered by bulk drug test do not detect this drug.

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