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12 Panel Drug Test With ETG and FYL

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 12 Panel Drug Test Cup, ETG/500, FEN/20, AMP/1000, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MET/1000, MTD/300, OPI/300, OXY/100, PCP/25, THC/50

12 Panel Drug Test With ETG and FYL

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    A drug screening panel that includes EtG and Fentanyl with 12 other substances.​

      • The 12 Panel Drug Test Cup can detect 12 different types of narcotics, such as Fentanyl and EtG. 
      • It comes with a temperature strip to verify the temperature of the donor's urine. 
      • The results of the test are revealed instantly, and each test is designed to be user-friendly, with non-drip screw tops and a leak-proof seal to prevent spills. 
      • This drug testing method is one of the most cost-effective ones and is widely used by employers, police departments, and medical professionals for reliable testing. 
      • The test produces highly accurate results, with close to 99% accuracy. 
      • The cups are easy to use at home and do not require any special equipment or techniques. 
      • The instructions are included, and the test is for scientific purposes only.

    What is the purpose of conducting a 12 panel drug test?

    What is the procedure for conducting a 12-panel drug test?

    Test Guidelines:


    Eliminate the urine drug test cup from the fixed pocket straightaway and use it.


    Confirm the temperature of the example following 2-4 minutes by looking at where the green speck arises. On the important temperature line, a green spot will arise.


    At the point when you're prepared to figure out the outcomes, eliminate the name. The experimental outcomes ought to be accessible shortly. Following 8 minutes, don't decipher the outcome.

    Alcohol included in the 12 panel drug test

    Bulk drug tests provide a 12-panel urine drug test that accurately detects the presence of alcohol with the help of an EtG strip. This test is highly sensitive and can detect alcohol use up to three days after the last consumption. Although the EtG alcohol test may not always determine the amount of alcohol consumed, it is sensitive enough to detect alcohol use. By initiating conversations with clients, patients, and probationers/parolees, healthcare staff and law enforcement can help the public identify and seek treatment for alcohol addiction.

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