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13 Panel Drug Test Cups With ADLTX

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 13 Panel Drug Test Cup FEN/20 & 3 Adulterations ADLTX (Specific Gravity, pH and Creatinine), AMP/1000, BAR/300, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MDMA/500, MET/1000, MTD/300, OPI/300, OXY/100, TCA/1000, THC/50

13 Panel Drug Test Cups With ADLTX

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    A drug testing cup available with a 13-panel configuration (FYL/FEN and ADLTX).​

    • The Drug Test Cup with a 13 Panel including FYL/FEN and ADLTX Contaminated Strips is designed to provide accurate results and prevent false submissions. 
    • The presence of contaminants in urine drug testing assists in determining if a urine sample has been tampered with. 
    • With precise results in just a few minutes, multiple substances can be detected in a single operation. 
    • The test is hermetically sealed, ensuring sterility for both the donor and the evaluator. 
    • It is intended for use in both home and clinical settings and provides nearly 99% reliable results that are highly sensitive to changes in SAMHSA cutoff values. 
    • A temperature strip is included to verify the urine's temperature, and bulk orders can be placed for just $1.99 per drug test cup. 
    • This test is not CLIA-waived and is only for forensic purposes.

    What is the purpose of conducting a 13-panel drug test?​

    How is a 13-panel drug test performed?

    Test Guidelines:


    Eliminate the urine drug test cup from the fixed pocket quickly and use it.


    Confirm the temperature of the example following 2-4 minutes by analyzing where the green spot arises. On the important temperature line, a green dab will arise.


    At the point when you're prepared to figure out the outcomes, eliminate the mark. The experimental outcomes ought to be accessible shortly. Following 8 minutes, don't decipher the outcome

    How can I interpret the results of an 18-panel urine drug test?

    If it is Positive

    In the control area, there is only one hued band noticeable. The test area (T) shows no apparent hued band

    If it is Negative

    On the film, two shaded groups will show up, one band would be available in the control district (C) while the other would be available in the test locale. (T)

    If it is Invalid

    The control band won't appear. any test which has not created a control band at the predetermined read time should be disposed of. Kindly rehash the means and do a new test. Quit utilizing the unit immediately and reach out to your neighborhood merchant assuming the issues proceed.

    What is Urine Drug Test Adulteration?

    As the opioid crisis worsens, many employers are turning to regular drug screening to maintain a safe workplace. However, the use of illicit and recreational drugs has increased, making standard screening even more important. Diluting human urine before submission is a common method of attempting to pass a drug screen, but it is easily detected by today's technology and drug tests. Even a small amount of water cannot pass an immunoassay test, resulting in incomplete and likely inaccurate drug test results. 

    To avoid human urine test contamination, every bulk drug test includes a temperature strip that indicates whether the sample is above or below normal body temperature. Any deviation from normal body temperature would indicate a potentially altered or adulterated sample, leading to an inconclusive test result. 

    The most effective way to ensure that no synthetic urine or tampered urine tests are submitted is to use a drug test with contamination test strips. Bulk Drug test offers both a 12 Panel Drug Screen Test with Contaminations and a 13 Panel Drug Screen Test with Contaminations.

    What Do We Mean by Drug Test Contaminants?

    The 13 panel drug screen test is equipped with three contamination test strips to prevent false negative drug screening results. Each strip has a specific function as follows:​

    Creatinine (CRE)

    Creatinine esteems under 45 mg/dL are utilized to decide whether certain urine tests were physiologically or non-physiologically weakened and whether a matching negative medication result is genuine.

    This 13 panel drug Screen Test incorporates three defilement test strips. Utilizing this test assists with keeping away from misleading negative medication screening results. Their particular jobs are as per the following:

    Explicit Gravity (SG)

    Explicit gravity, as creatinine levels, distinguishes any weakening of the urine example.


    Helps with the location of high PH or acidic defilements in urine examples.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Adulteration during urine tests is highly likely. A person who wishes to cheat on his samples will use the urine collection technique to his advantage. Typically, the collecting goes unnoticed because to privacy concerns. Adulteration is used to defeat a drug test in addition to diluting urine and substituting samples.

    Test findings are influenced by adulteration. Adulterants are introduced to the collected urine. They can include household goods such as vinegar, detergent, bleach, iodine, eye drops, and isopropyl, as well as foods such as lemon juice and soda and chemicals such as nitrite, glutaraldehyde, and pyridinium chlorochromate.

    As adulterants become more inventive, regulatory authorities must quickly develop procedures to detect adulterants in urine specimens in addition to what is already in place.

    On each panel test strip, the colour pink or red appears in the control (C) and test (T) regions. The colourful lines represent test findings. And lightness or darkness in the colour shade doesn't matter. The shade indicates whether the drug detection level is below or above the cut-off threshold.

    If each region has coloured lines, the outcome is negative.

    A colourful line in the C region and no colour in the T region line indicates a positive outcome. A follow-up test will be required.

    If there is no coloured line in the C region in either case, the test is invalid. Another urine-based test may be required.

    In order to choose the correct drug test, you must first decide the illicit drugs you wish to test. Some drug test kits can only detect a single substance, whilst others can detect many substances simultaneously.

    If you are confused about which drugs to test, you can choose from a variety of panel drug testing kits by reading the labels.

    On the market, there are a range of drug testing kits. If you do decide to buy, make sure it's from a reputable company like 12 Panel Now.

    By doing so, you can ensure that you are not employing an outdated or expired test and that the results can be trusted.

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