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8 Panel Drug Test Cups

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 8 Panel Drug Test Cup, AMP/1000, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MET/1000, OPI/300, OXY/100, THC/50

8 Panel Drug Test Cups

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    Information about the 8-panel drug test.​

    • The 8 panel drug test is an all-in-one drug testing cup that can detect up to eight different drugs of abuse and provide a quick positive or negative result. The following drugs are tested: AMP 1000, OPI 300, (MP&MET) 1000, BZO 300, COC 300, OXY 100, BUP 10, and THC 50. 
    • It is a convenient option for drug testing at home or the workplace as it does not require any additional materials or equipment. 
    • The 8 panel drug test is suitable for screening processes and is a preferred urinalysis for both drug testing and pain management due to its accuracy. You can get this urine test for only $1.49 per drug test cup.

    What substances are detected by an 8 Panel Drug Test?

    What is the utilization of an 8 Panel Urine Drug Test?

    Test Directions:​

    1. As soon as you remove the urine drug test cup from its sealed package, use it. 
    2. Check the temperature of the sample within 2-4 minutes by looking for the green dot's position on the temperature line. 
    3. When ready to interpret the results, remove the label. It should take five minutes to read the test results. Do not interpret the result after 8 minutes.

    What are the steps to interpret the results of an 8 Panel Drug Test?


    In the control area, there is only one hued band noticeable. The test area (T) shows no apparent hued band


    On the film, two hued groups will show up, one band would be available in the control locale (C) while the other would be available in the test district. (T)


    The control band won't appear. any test which has not created a control band at the predefined read time should be dispensed with. Kindly rehash the means and do a new test. Quit utilizing the unit immediately and reach out to your nearby wholesaler in the event that the issues proceed. .

    What does an 8 Panel Drug Test entail?

    The 8 Panel Drug Test is an affordable option for any drug screening method. It covers the fundamental drugs of concern when testing employees for drug use. The 8 panel drug test detects some of the most significant and concerning drugs available today, including benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and others. This reliable and safe test can be used both at home and in a clinical setting. The 8 panel urine drug test is an excellent screening choice that can be utilized as a tool to maintain a drug-free workplace or a simple at-home test.

    How effective are drug test kits?

    Drug test kits and alcohol tests are commonly used to detect the most popular drugs of abuse. They are highly accurate and easy to use, although the accuracy can be affected by various factors. These factors include the administration of the test, the storage of the test kit, consumption of food or beverages prior to testing, and any additional prescription or over-the-counter drugs taken before the test. A preliminary result indicating the presence of drugs must be confirmed by sending the sample to a laboratory for a conclusive result.


    Exact available drug Test

    The 8 panel drug test kit, approved by the FDA and compliant with cutoff values, provides an accurate and reliable solution for drug testing needs. With its lower cutoff levels, it is suitable for both addiction screening and pain management. These drug testing cups require no additional equipment, making them a convenient choice for at-home drug screening. Rest assured that our cups are manufactured in strict accordance with regulatory bodies such as the FDA, CLIA, and SAMSHA, ensuring their near-99% accuracy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A 8 panel drug test doesn't get alcohol. EtG test strips or different drug test cup designs, like 12 panel with EtG or 14 panel with EtG, are accessible for clients who require alcohol location in a drug test

    Bulk drug testThe eight-panel drug test cup that is accessible has a no-trickle cover and a coordinated temperature strip. AMP, BUP, BZO, COC, MAMP (MET), OPI300 (MOP), OXY, and THC are totally distinguished by 8 panel drug tests.

    The accompanying synthetics are recognized by a 8-panel drug test cup: AMP, BUP, BZO, COC, MAMP (MET), OPI300 (MOP), OXY, and THC.

    The Public Organization on Chronic drug use (NIDA) characterizes opioids as both unlawful substances and remedy drugs, for example, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine. Opiates  are drugs that are regularly used to oversee agony, and they are protected when utilized briefly. Notwithstanding this, attributable to their euphoric impacts and huge potential for fixation, opiods are inclined to abuse.

    Opiates , amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and cocaine or methadone metabolites are much of the time recognized in a customary pee drug test. It is important to demand individual tests for fentanyl, hydromorphone, oxycodone, or buprenorphine in the event that more are required. The normal agreement is that an individual has been abusing morphine, codeine, or heroin in the event that there is significant proof of positive opiate use.

    8 panel drug Tests will unequivocally recognize up to 8 substances of misuse thanks to enhancements accomplished in urine drug screenings; a portion of these synthetics will have a window of recognition up to a month. It is ideal to shun taking any unlawful substances however long you can prior to submitting to a urine test to breeze through a drug assessment.

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